Community Outreach & Advisory Council


Mary Bass

Mary Bass, Coucil Member

Mary Bass, Council Member

Mary Bass brings to CASA a wealth of experience in many different roles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a multi-subject credential. After graduating with honors and as “Student of the Year” from California State University of Stanislaus, Mary taught 5th and 6th grade and then worked in the Reading Lab & Tutoring Center of Merced Jr. College. She went on to become the co-founder of Summit Christian School, and continued her involvement in education as a soccer coach for eight years and a school volunteer for ten.

Currently, Mary is Vice President & Marketing Representative of San Joaquin Drug, President of Emerald Isle LLC and Vice President of Vision Vacations LLC. She is Chairman of the Board for the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center, and was Vice President of the Merced chapter of Business Networking International. In the midst of her many activities and commitments to her community, Mary says that her favorite part of all her jobs is helping people have a better life & create priceless family memories.

Mary has been happily married for 27 years to Dr. Mike Bass. She is incredibly proud of her family and her three beautiful, brilliant daughters. When they are not traveling or fishing, they enjoy spending time together & attending Mariposa’s many events.

A former Advocate and current Board Member, Mary’s greatest goal has been to give her children a good start in life. She hopes every parent shares that same goal, but knows this is not always the case. As such, Mary strongly believes in CASA and the impact a dedicated Advocate can have on the life of a child. “How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” – Anne Frank 

Dave Clayton, Board Membe

Dave Clayton, Coucil Member

Dave Clayton, Council Member

Now retired, Dave Clayton has been a General Building Contractor in and around Mariposa for thirty five years. During his time as a contractor, he built and remodeled many houses and commercial buildings in the community. It is his belief that there are few professions that, at the end of a long day, one can look back and see physical & tangible results accomplished that day. In addition to his General Contractor’s License, Dave has a private pilot license and briefly enjoyed working as a substitute teacher – the only job thus far that his rivaled his love of building & construction.

Most recently, Dave has been deeply involved with Habitat For Humanity of Mariposa as their Construction Chairperson. During this time, Habitat for Humanity constructed a house that was recently turned over to the new mom and her three old daughter. Dave holds a deep admiration for all the dedicated volunteers who made his work with Habitat an incredibly rewarding experience.

When pressed to name what he is most proud of, Dave would be quick to tell you about his wonderful family. His wife of 51 years was first a dedicated pen pal while he was stationed in Germany. They have two daughters, a son, and three grand children. Dave is incredibly fortunate to be at the head of his beloved family with their immeasurable love, respect and support.

When he learned of CASA’s mission, Dave immediately said, “Count me in.” Though the frustrations have been many and the rewards few, Dave would not change one minute of his involvement with his CASA children. He feels it is important that all children have a male role model in their life. A person who asks nothing more of a child than to trust he will do what is best for them without expecting anything in return. Dave’s guide throughout his involvement with CASA has been: “A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.”