Other Ways to Support

Looking for additional ways to support CASA of Mariposa County?


We are seeking volunteers from all cultures, professions, ethnic and educational backgrounds.
Volunteers must:
  • Be 21 years old.
  • Complete a 30 hour training to learn how to best advocate for a child in foster care.
  • Commit to spending at least 10 hours a month in their role as an advocate throughout the duration of their case.

Our volunteers are diverse, dedicated and passionate individuals. To find out how you can advocate for a child in Mariposa County-contact us today. Please print and fill out (as much as possible) and bring to your pre-training interview.Volunteer Application

If you would like to learn more about CASA’s work and what you can do for a child in our community, please call 209-742-4206 to set up a pre-training meeting. 

At CASA of Mariposa County, we welcome every individual passionate about making a difference in the life of a child.

Want to volunteer, but short on time?

There are lots of ways to help CASA of Mariposa, even if you don’t have time to be an Advocate. Some of the ways are listed below. For other ways- Contact us today.

Spread the Word

Help us make connections with the community & media to spread the word about importance of our work

Like us on Facebook

Save your Pioneer Market Receipts

Pioneer Market graciously includes us in their 1% charitable giving program.

Please drop off or mail your grocery receipts to our office. One percent of the receipt’s total goes to CASA of Mariposa County. 

P.O. Box 73/4990 6th Street, Mariposa, CA, 95338

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship makes an incredible impact on the children we serve. Sponsorship helps to insure that funds be available to train and support our advocates so that each and every child in Mariposa County who needs an advocate has one. 

Check out our Sponsorship Page

Attend our events

Keep up to date with what’s happening next at CASA of Mariposa with the following pages:



Join the CASA Community Outreach & Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is an essential body of appointed members who guide, support, oversee the activities of CASA of Mariposa.

More specifically they:

1. Prepare for, attend, and participate in board meetings.

2. Be informed about agency’s programs, policies and services.

3. Cultivate sources of financial support.

4. Follow trends in the child welfare and juvenile justice fields.

5. Recruit possible nominees to the board.

6. Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

7. Approve and safeguard all legal documents.

8. Hire, evaluate and support the Executive Director.

9. Keep director informed about any concerns the community has.

Contact us at info@casaofmariposa.org with questions and interest.  

Swipe Cards while Shopping

Stop by the office to pick up a rewards card. The following locations donate to CASA of Mariposa every time you shop: A. Save Mart, Food Maxx, Lucky or Smart Foods – 3% of purchase B. Jamba Juice – 10% of purchase Contact Don Rose for cards at darose47@gmail.com 

Donate your Car

Donate your vehicle (Non-operational and non-smog certified vehicles are accepted.)

If you have a car, truck, SUV, motor home, motorcycle, snowmobile, jet ski, or boat that you would like to donate rather than sell or use as a trade-in, then we have the answer for you!

CASA of Mariposa County has an agreement with the Center for Car Donations that will benefit both you and the Court Appointed Special Advocates non-profit program. The Center is a reputable and reliable organization that assists charities with fundraising efforts and here is how it works:

1. You call the Center for Car Donations at (877) 411-3662.

2. Let them know that you want the proceeds from your vehicle to go to CASA of Mariposa County, California.

3. The Center for Car Donations will pick up your vehicle (same day pick-up available in some areas) and handle all paperwork at absolutely no cost to you.

4. Your vehicle will be sold and CASA will receive 75% of the sale price after towing, auction, DMV, and transportation fees are deducted.

5. The Center for Car Donations will send you a receipt for your charitable donation and any forms required by the IRS. This is a win/win program for you and CASA of Mariposa County. You are able to donate your vehicle hassle-free and receive a tax deduction, while we receive funds to provide mentorship and advocacy for abused and neglected children.

Make a Reoccurring Gift

Would you like to donate to CASA of Mariposa on a regular basis? This is another excellent way to help CASA while getting a tax deduction. No donation is too small or too large. Contact us today to set up a reoccurring donation to CASA.

Contact  Donate  

Leave a Legacy, put CASA of Mariposa County in your bequest or will

The Mariposa Community Foundation partners with us in serving those interested in planned or estate gifts; including gifts of securities, real estate or other personal property.

To learn more go to http://mariposacommunityfoundation.org/MCF/ 

If you would like to get involved in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.