Meet Our Staff

Monica Martinez

CASA Program Director

Monica Martinez is honored to serve as the Program Director for CASA of Mariposa County. She began her work at CASA in 2016 and has continued to be actively involved in the development and growth of CASA’s programs. Monica started on the team that created the RECESS program from the ground up. Her passion to support children and their families helped RECESS to grow into a dynamic, successful resource for the Mariposa community. Her persistence and work ethic lead to a promotion as CASA’s Program Coordinator. In this role, Monica combined her knowledge of the needs of families with advocating for children in Mariposa’s foster and delinquency systems. Working with Volunteer Advocates, community partners, and children in foster care strengthened her sense of commitment to provide quality, direct services to the youth CASA supports. Now as CASA’s Program Director, Monica is using her wisdom and experiences to instill these values in all of CASA’s programs.  Monica resides in Mariposa with her husband and four children. She counts her children among her greatest accomplishments.  Monica enjoys spending quality time with her family, whether it be at sporting events with her kids or enjoying a nice day out and about in beautiful Mariposa. She is excited about the work that CASA is doing and is looking forward to innovations and progress yet to come.

Amber Wanner

CASA Program Specialist

Amber Wanner, CASA Program Specialist, started her journey with CASA as a Volunteer Advocate. Prior to this, she worked for the Mariposa School District Special Education services for 13 years. It was clear to her that she had a desire to make a positive impact on children’s lives. When she had the opportunity to join the CASA team as a Program Specialist, she quickly accepted.  Amber is committed to finding the best Advocates for the children of Mariposa County. She provides top-quality training and ongoing support for CASA’s Volunteer Advocates. Amber helps volunteers in their efforts to be a voice for the children in Mariposa’s foster and delinquency systems.  Her drive to provide the best support for those she works with doesn’t stop there. As a mother of two children, Amber is dedicated to her role as Mom above all. Growing up in Mariposa, the importance of community involvement was instilled in her at a young age. Hoping to pass these values on to her children, you will find Amber behind the scenes at many events throughout the community.  Never afraid to talk to a friendly face, she will definitely share all of this and more with you if you happen to find yourself in her company.  

Elena Contreras

CASA Program Specialist

Elena Contreras joined CASA of Mariposa County in March 2021 as a CASA Program Specialist. She comes from a background of customer service, local digital/print marketing, and a strong desire for volunteering. Volunteering is something that is  near and dear to her heart. In her free time she has volunteered at various non-profit organizations for a several years. While volunteering for Merced County Food Bank and coaching children in youth soccer for multiple years, she found how much she loves helping others and the community. 

 Elena is excited to meet and find caring volunteer advocates for children in the foster care system in Mariposa County.  She is looking forward to growing awareness about CASA in the community. Outside of work, Elena enjoys being active outdoors with her two dogs, traveling, meditating and spending time with friends and family.

Taylor Agbulos

RECESS Program Specialist

Taylor is one of our RECESS program specialists here at CASA of Mariposa. She is the newest member of the team and has been working here since April 2022. Taylor recently moved from the Bay Area to Merced. Growing up as the oldest sister of three to a hard working single mom, her upbringing played a major role in her career path. She recalls memories of her mom juggling going to school to get her masters degree, attending internships for her major program, working fulltime and taking care of her children all alone. This motivated her to always work hard in school to benefit her career path in the future. Taylor is attending UC Merced and majoring in Sociology with hopes to become a Social worker and help people in her community who need it the most. Prior to starting at CASA, Taylor was a preschool teacher. When given the opportunity to work in the RECESS program she quickly accepted because she knew it was a great opportunity to gain more experience in the field she is pursuing as a career. After a long day at work, Taylor enjoys cooking and going on walks with her chihuahua Santiago. She also prioritizes self care as a way to nurture her mental health.

Cecilia Ramirez

RECESS Program Specialist

Cecilia joined CASA Of Mariposa County in May 2021 as a program specialist. She joined CASA to pursue her passion for helping others, especially youth! Growing up as the oldest sibling of 4 children has prepared her for this role, giving her skills such as patience, empathy and conflict resolution. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and also doing crafts. Her favorite part of the work day is seeing children light up when playing and participating in RECESS activities. She loves being involved with the community and strives to make a positive impact.  

Cecilia comes from a big family and knows everyone has hardships and everyone deserves a big support system. In her role at CASA, she is happy to be part of the support team and a helping hand. She is proud to be a part of such an amazing program and hopes to touch the lives of as many children and parents as possible!